Background Checks/Verification Process

Investments! Time is money and for some we don’t have much of either. We want to make sure we are dealing with the right people and we deserve to know if they are who they are.


With identity theft at an all time high, it is way to easy to assume the identity of someone without reaching into the basics of a simple form of state issued I.D. or even Social Security number. We have conducted many background checks and verified many people, places and things. The process can be simple or it can be intricate.

Why would YOU need a background check?

  • You have a caretaker who is caring for your parent(s)
  • Your elderly parent(s) have someone in their lives that are collecting some form of payment (in person, online or by mail)
  • You have invested in a partnership and want to make sure your investment(s) actually exist as well as your investor(s)
  • You have invested in a short/long term loan.
  • Your children are staying overnight at a friends house. (we conducted quite a few of these and the parents were quite pleased with the decision they made for their child’s sake and safety)
  • You are dating/marrying or know of someone who is romantically obsessed with someone who has openly displayed un-trusting attributes.

I think you get the idea. If you need to verify or background check someone or something. We can help. We have one of the best databases that uses real time information for accuracy purposes!