Civil, Criminal and Private Investigations

Recon Technology Group

State License# A07363001

                    We specialize in computer investigations and forensics. Computers are now the leading source for cases involving criminal or civil liability. We have conducted MANY cases and have assisted many in solving their problems whether it is civil, personal or criminal. If you feel you need a consultation regarding computer investigations or forensics. Contact us immediately.

Examples of computer investigations whether it be personal or business.

* Someone used your PC/laptop without your consent

* Someone has downloaded illegal content without your consent

* Criminal actions were organized and researched through your PC/laptop

* As a parent or guardian you want to make sure your home PC/Laptop is not being used for malicious activity

* Your personal PC has been used to participate in adultery, cheating or other acts of infidelity

* Unauthorized remote logins, hacking or use of your computer without your consent.

There are so many forms of investigations, we cannot cover it all here, however the best way we tend to find out is to contact us. if you have an investment in something…protect your investment.