Fugitive Recovery/Missing Persons/Skip Trace

This is probably one of our most requested service request.

We offer private and company forms of skip trace. What is skip tracing? Finding people who owe a debt, service or are in possession of someone else’s property. Very similar to a background check however most people that are skip traced or intentionally hiding from their debtors.

Got hot checks? Need to get them process served?  We can do it! We can find them and we are the home of the “No hit No fee” (No hit meaning absolutely no useful information)

Missing Persons. We get calls to locate missing persons, whether it be intentional or lost. Some want to rekindle with an old relative or friend while another has been trying to make contact with a missing person who has been out of the loop for awhile. We have connected many families and have found many birth parents as well.

Fugitive Recovery. We are licensed and bonded to apprehend fugitives who are wanted in the State of Texas. With over 20 years of fugitive recovery experience, We have a very high rate of apprehensions. If you are a lawyer, bondsman or know of someone who is wanted. Contact us!