Data Recovery/Destruction

Hard Drives, Flash Drives, SD Drives, Removable Media, etc…they contain ALOT of personal and business information. Sometimes we lose the ability to access that information. Sometimes we inherit other peoples information and that cannot be good. With computers being as common as wrist watches..we depend on the storage process of them, Here are some reasons why we might be an asset to your needs.

    • Your computer is outdated and you need to transfer that information to a new system or external drive. We can help!
    • Your computer has failed and you need to recover that information. We can help
    • You are selling your computer and have recovered all the information. You want to make sure your data is not accessible. We can help!
    • You have purchased a USED computer and it might contain illegal data such as pornography, illegal downloads etc. We can help!
    • We can do this will ALL computers and laptops or media devices!

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