Hardware Repair/Upgrades

Let’s be real. We want fast and we want it now. As technology improves as does the need and want to get more done as fast as you can. What can we do to help you without breaking the bank? Well there is ALOT we can do to help you go faster.

We hear it on a daily basis…”my computer/laptop is slow” “The corporate company wants me to buy a new one”. We have literally been donated computers that were purchased JUST last year and the problems with them were so simple, we contacted the donor and offered them credit or even their computer back at a reasonable price of repair.

Sure we are in the business to make money and be successful but it does not come without morals and ethics FIRST. We offer FREE consultation to your needs and most of all your wants. We do not want to be in competition with others by “short changing” or “short cutting” so we offer options that will fit ones budget as well as their lifestyle.

Lifestyle…what do we mean by that? Well we once had a client who brought her techie son in. We gave them some options on what they need and use their PC’s for. The mother said “we just bought some Macbooks and they were around $2500 for the pair”. Logically I asked if they did audio/video rendering or other higher end programs that required such an expensive computer. “No, we just use it for surfing and watching movies”.

You can do this with pretty much ANY modern laptop. So the logic here is..get accurate information unless you have $1300 to just throw away…we will be quiet.

We have custom built computers for Architects, Draftsmen, Mechanics, Doctors, Gamers, Insurance Quoters, Auto Body Shops, Audio/Video specialist. We have done it ALL!

So if you are in the market for an upgrade..whether it be simple or major…FREE consultation here and you do not even have to get the service or product from us. Guaranteed!