Computer/Laptop Repair

Computers and PC’s are more than ever. They are constantly upgrading and updating.

We specialize in ALL PC/Laptop updates, upgrades and even DOWN grades. There is nothing we cannot handle. We are also very affordable and honest. Our consultations are free!

No need to break the bank!

We offer competitive pricing. We do not gouge, claw and scratch for every penny we can get. You know the ones…Well it will be extra for that and this and all just to tell you…Your computer is broken. Thank you genius!

Feel confident in our no BS pricing and warranties…yes…you didn’t know repairs come with warranties? Well now you do.

When the consultation is free…there is nothing to lie about.

We offer free and honest consultation. Don’t be afraid to ask us real questions. We won’t sit there and beat you down with jargon and lingo.

We will explain in the best way possible on how your computer works and what exactly is wrong with it. We also offer competitive pricing that will blow the corporate giants away.

So confide in our honest consultations and believe us when we say “yes we can fix it!”.