Software Solutions

Software…what is it? Well it is the application to make hardware work. What is hardware? That DVD reader…it needs software to apply codecs to read the disc. But what if you have a super duper new state of the art computer and all your hardware or peripherals (printers, scanner and sub software) are incompatible to the new computer? That is where the “downgrade” comes in.

Downgrades? Is there such a thing? Yes. With technology moving at such a fast rate some people do not necessarily need that update. For instance, Windows 10. Most people upgraded to this not knowing most of their paid programs would fail to work. We have reverted MANY computers back to 8.1 or even Windows 7. Heck we still have clients who are hard core Windows XP users.

So If you are having some conflicting issues with the new Operating System or software. Feel free to contact us for FREE consultation and or quotes.